The Explorer's Society

  • Headquarters: Carleon, Avalon
  • Regional Headquarters: Montaigne, Vendel, Eisen (Freiburg)

Founded in 1598 by Cameron MacCormick, the Explorer’s Society has been the at the forefront of archaeological research and discovery for almost nine years. They have unearthed sites of Syrneth cities, catalogued nearly five hundred individual artifacts, and maintained the largest library of maps in Théah. Members openly display their affiliation with the Society, wearing silver pins and rings that display the magnetic compass with pride.

The Society has captured the imagination of the public, and their fame rivals even that of the Knights of the Rose and Cross; many plays and novelettes have been written with Society members as main characters.

MacCormick founded the Society to discourage “diggers” — men and women raiding Syrneth cities and stealing the artifacts to sell to nobles. The Society is much more concerned with categorizing and studying artifacts than selling them. The long, heavy leather coats worn by Society members are often called “digger coats”, a title the Explorers could live without.

Strangely enough, the strongest opponents of the Explorer’s Society are members of the Vaticine Church. The Third Prophet denounced exploring the Syrneth ruins, saying such activity led to corruption of the soul. While some Cardinals have come to the Society’s defense, the Church’s stance has remained unbending: “such activity is heretical and will be punished if need be with death.”

Members must give hospitality to any member who asks for it (including sanctuary from Church officials if it should become necessary).

Society Ranking

Shield Men

The Shield Men of the Explorer’s Society are the strong right arms of the scholars and scribes. They are the dedicated men-at-arms who are first into the ruins the Explorers seek out.

The Trade Sea

Explorers from this rank of the Society are still learning their trade. They must study at a chapterhouse, or in the field under the tutelage of a more learned member. They are seldom allowed inside of a dig site; rather, they are assigned to the camp, to clean and catalog those items discovered on the dig.

The Frothing Sea

After participating in several digs, the young apprentice is allowed access to the secured sites within a dig. They also are assigned their first unique item of Society equipment. They continue their education with coursework.

La Boca

At this level, an Explorer is allowed to fully participate in excavations, so long as a senior member of Mirror or higher level is present. Credit may be received for any works of publication in this Explorer’s name. Most learning is at a tutorial level, though the Explorer may continue their education within any chapterhouse as well.

The Forbidden Sea

Explorers are responsible for their own income and boarding until they reach this rank. Explorers of The Forbidden Sea may request housing at any chapterhouse, and can expect most of the necessary excavation equipment to be provided for them upon request. Most Explorers of this rank begin to teach introductory courses at the chapterhouses.

The Mirror

At this rank, Explorers are considered dedicated members and many are steeped in the lore of the Society. Most senior members, and instructors, come from The Mirror.

The Corridor of Flame

Explorers from The Corridor of Flame are considered dedicated in the extreme, and have the Inner Council’s complete confidence. These explorers have access to almost all of the Society’s records and information, and the Society’s resources are at their disposal.

The Explorer's Society

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