The Church

Belief in Theus, the Creator, is still widespread among the common populace of Théah. The root of faith in Théah lies in the powerful and old Vaticine Church, currently leading The Inquisition.

The Ussuran Orthodox Church branched from the Vaticine Church early on, and has held doggedly to its doctrine throughout the decades since. The Orthodox Church also holds somewhat to the Old Ways of Ussura as well.

The Church of Avalon is an offshoot of the Vaticine Church, holding many of the same tenets while recognizing the Sidhe and Glamour as part of the Creator’s puzzle; the head of the Church of Avalon is the Queen.

Objectionism arose in 1517, questioning the tenets of the Vaticine Church; rising tensions between the Vaticine Church and Objectionists came to a head in 1638, bringing about the War of the Cross.

The Ypperste faith still holds strong among the Vestenmannavjnar, and the practice of Sud’ya has a following among some Ussurans.

The Church

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