Secret Societies

The Nations are not the only powers influencing Théah. There are many more clandestine organizations — not beholden to nationality or religion — that move Théan politics, some unnoticed by even the most observant scholars and statesmen. A few of the more well-known (and whispered-about) are briefly described below.

The Explorer’s Society

One of the most prominent “gentleman’s clubs” in Théah, a multinational organization dedicated to studying the past and discovering her geography.

The Invisible College

A secretive band of academics who work to protect scientific progress from the fires of the Inquisition.

The Knights of the Rose and Cross

An ancient order of adventurers, seeking to bring justice to the unjust and to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Die Kreuzritter

A group of holy Vaticine Knights, wiped out centuries ago by a traitorous political ruler.

Los Vagos

Led by a mysterious masked man, these hidden crusaders protect the people of Castille from enemies both within and without.

The Rilasciare

Best known as the Free Thinkers, the Rilasciare promote free will and self-determination through a range of extremely unorthodox tactics.

Sophia’s Daughters

A union of Vodacce women seeking equality and political power by covert means.

Secret Societies

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