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What It Means to be a Hero

The average Théan looks out for himself first, his friends and family second, and everyone else not at all. Honor and chivalry are luxuries few can afford, many sneer at, yet most hold in awe when shown an example. In a world where intrigues rule the day and flashing steel settles debts of honor, what does it mean to be a Hero?

It’s simple, really. Everyday men may see injustice in the world, yet more often than not they do nothing, because it’s easier to say “That’s none of my business” than to get involved. Heroes can’t do that. They have to get involved. They have to do something. For whatever reasons that motivate them, a Hero cannot stand idly by. They are remembered because they had the courage to create justice in an unjust world.

When writing your Hero’s history and thinking about their personality and motivations, consider these 20 Questions.

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The Ensemble

The Heroes of Fate’s Tangled Weave are an ensemble. Hero creation will take place at the tabletop, during the first session(s). Each Hero should be created not only as an individual, but taking into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of the group as well.

Hero Points will be assigned to the group as a whole, rather than to each individual. The group will have to work together to create their Heroes as part of the ensemble.

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The Charter

Every guild, secret society, and club has a charter. A charter defines an organization’s goals and guidelines, and spells out the values and ethics they aspire to. The Heroes of Fate’s Tangled Weave should be no different. A discussion for the Heroes’ charter may be found in the forums.

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