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In the aftermath of the War of Crosses, nationalism swells within mens’ (and womens’) breasts. The nobility clutches the reins of power tightly, while dark magic courses through their veins. The lace and silk of the courts often conceals a steely, razor sharp edge. The forces of Reason press inward upon a beleaguered Church struggling to keep its faith. The robbers of the waves take what they will by sword and cannon, evading the nobility’s justice – or fighting under their flags.

And all the while, beneath the dust and waves of ages past, dangerous and wondrous secrets lie hidden away from Mankind’s eyes.

Welcome to a world of musketeers, buccaneers and privateers, ancient sorcery and lost civilizations, secrets that hide in the shadows and monsters that hide in plain sight.

Keep both sword and wit sharp, amico. You’ll need them to survive what Fate’s tangled weave has in store for you.

Home Page

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