Chen Liu Zhen


Chen liu zhen

Brawn: 3
Finesse: 3
Wits: 2
Resolve: 2
Panache: 3

Arcana: Loyal

Advantages: Noble, Connections-3, Legendary Finesse, Keen Senses (Sight), Cathayan Accent

Languages: Han Hua, Vodacce, Montaigne

Courtier: Dancing 1, Etiquette 2, Fashion 2, Oratory 1
Acrobat: Balance 3, Footwork 3
Merchant: Masseur 3
Cao Yao: Diagnose 1, First Aid 2, Masseur 3
Exotic Paired Weapons: Attack(EPW) 3, Parry 2
Exotic Thrown Weapons: Throw(ETW) 2
Soft Martial Arts: Balance 3, Block 2, Footwork 3, Grapple 1, Yield 1
Lian Zi(Chain): Attack(Chain) 2
Rider: Ride 2
Athlete: Climbing 1, Footwork 3, Sprinting 1, Throwing 1

Hunting (2)
Vow (2)


Zhen Liu is the eldest child of a prominent nobleman in the Sheng Tao district of Han Hua. Her father raised her to be strong and independent. Her mother taught her the ways of courtly beauty and elegance. She was a princess and a weapon in one. As she grew her star in the courts rose along with her skills on the field of battle. Her father honed her physical skills to a razor sharp edge while her mother did the same with her mental abilities. She had to dance on a blades edge on the field of honor and in the quagmire of the courtly games. Her life she was raised to be the perfect weapon and perfect wife and princess.

While on the field of combat she found her match in soul and sword in Le Chen, whose father was a promising General and whose star was also on the rise. Her father saw the match and knew it would be a good pairing. His station would lower hers and he wouldn’t subjugate her like most nobles would, and being a love match also boded well for their future.

Shortly after they were blissfully wed and were setting up a future of their own, Le was captured and sold into the slave trade. Distraught with grief Zhen went to everyone of influence she could to find help. When no help could be found she pleaded with her friends she had made with the men from the western countries who were known as the Explorers League. With the aid of her father and contacts she set out to find her love.

She is a young woman of Cathay decent, her face is smooth and flawless. Her almond shaped eyes which held so much joy always seem to hold a twinge of sadness. Zhen’s long ebony hair is usually pulled back in a severe knot that makes her already angular features seem more rigid and harsh. Since she has left her home country she has left most of her countries clothing choices behind. Wearing snug black leather leggings and jerkin, while it still holds some of the style lines and embellishments of her homeland they make her seem slim and whip like. Across her back lies the blade of her school while her boots have sheaths that houses an odd looking metal fan folded against her calves.

Chen Liu Zhen

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