Calisto Diana De Espinosa De La Cruz



Brawn: 2
Finesse: 3
Resolve: 3
Wits: 2
Panache: 3

Arcana: Hot-Headed (Your GM can activate your Hubris to get you to fly off the handle and lose your temper.)

Sorcerous Heritage: El Feugo Adentro (Concentrate 1, Extinguish 2, Feed 2, Range 2, Stunts 2, Firestarting 3, Flaming Blade 1)

Advantages: Dangerous Beauty, University, Legendary Finesse, Able Drinker

Courtier: Dancing 3, Etiquette 3, Fashion 2, Oratory 2
Performer: Acting 1, Dancing 3, Oratory 2, Singing 1
Servant: Etiquette 3, Fashion 2, Menial Task 1, Unobtrusive 1
Merchant: Jenny 2
Whip: Attack 3
Cloak: Parry 2
Fencing: Attack 1, Parry 1

Hunted (3)
Vendetta (1)


Calisto Diana De Espinosa De la Cruz is a beautiful young Castillian woman of Noble birth. Her families titles, lands and birthrights have been stripped from them due to the strong ties to El Feugo Adentro that coarse through their blood. She flees from the inquisition, trying to hide from their eyes and ears, while looking for a master to teach her how to control the raging beast within her. Over the years she has become almost obsessed with the fall of the church and bringing her families good name back from the ashes and restoring it to its rightful place in noble society. She has made a living using the skills taught to her by her mother and father and some she has picked up on the streets of whatever town she’s been in.

Weakness: Imperator (Hot-Headed)
Past: Ten of Swords (Past debt of nine Guilders)
Present: Ace of Cups (Debt repaid to you of ten Guilders)
Future: Seven of Cups (Great Confusion)


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