Fate's Tangled Weave

Una fine e un inizio

While the party of heroes rested from their recent adventures, safe within the walls of Don Giovanni Villanova’s home, Randolph Addison Berryman struggled with his injuries. He was rather an elder chap, and the loss of his leg and the infection he fought were powerful blows to his constitution. Don Villanova’s Doctor was making headway with his treatment of the old man, however Berryman’s wishes to return to Avalon would not be realized anytime soon.

Neither would Maebh’s calling would be realized. The Don offered them a chance to use the key that had been recovered from Vittore Bernoulli, whom he now held within his dungeons. His offer wasn’t one he was about to let any who received it refuse. Gianni, of course, would lead the adventure.

While all were given the chance to consider the journey, word came from the mainland that a band of Eisen mercenaries were burning Mondavi, and that Alcide Mondavi was nowhere to be found in combatting the menace. Gianni, Alejandro Castillo de la Rosa, and Calisto Diana De Espinosa De La Cruz would make their way that night to visit the swordsman Carlo Accorso.

They found him dead, the slightest scratch upon his wrist indicating the possibility of a poisonous murder. Also, about him were numerous wine bottles and glasses, indicating something else about the swordsman’s personality. Gianni was set to find the killer. In the room, the only clues were some herbs of a medicinal nature.

While they searched for Accorso’s killer, Maebh and Zoya sat together in the garden, talking about their own predicaments and watching Maebh’s new hound friends play. They joined in Gianni’s search after being advised of the murder. The search would lead to another discovery.

Gianni met with Renata, a girl who was spying on him and began to ran when she was noticed. Despite his recent losses, something about her classic Vodacce beauty touched him. Sometime after their meeting, Villanova decided that it would be best for the group to begin loading the ship they would set sail for the Crescent Empire in.

The news came to them while loading the ship that Vittore had escaped his imprisonment, and killed Don Villanova’s Doctor in the process. Of course, Maebh was not present to receive the news until it was almost time to depart. She’d seen the Sea Spray in the docks of Dionna, and gone to visit with her Captain.

And then, it was time to depart. The crew was ready to heave anchor, and the adventurers were gathered upon the deck to watch as Dionna would slowly fade in the distance, and the sound of waves and the scent of salt would overtake their senses on a long journey to an unknown land to find a hidden treasure of ancient origins…

And so ends the first tale of Fate’s Tangled Weave


Maded Maded

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