Fate's Tangled Weave

Long Shadows, Part II

Somewhere Far From Hope

Tears began to roll down her pale cheeks as she read the words upon the parchment.

“If you are reading this, then I am dead. All of the plans I have set in motion to free you may still turn as the cogs in that little ballerina I gave you when you were a child. You are a woman now, as much as your father would care to deny that. You have grown into your abilities, and so strong they are, but you are still untried. Your father has made things very difficult for you, and used you much like most Vodacce men would, to further his own lust for power.

I have drawn for you the face of my killer. Memorize this drawing. Remember these words: that I hold no ill will towards him. Theus has seen fit to punish me for the misdeeds of my past, even if they are not what he thinks they are. The ties that bind him must be severed.

I have done the best I can to see to your care, and your education. Theus will light a path for your salvation. Fear not, for light will soon come.

~ Padre Arnaldo Accorso"

There would be no more visits; her confessor was gone. She pressed her hands to her eyes as she sobbed. Would there ever be a release from her prison?

Long moments passed, and with them, her soft cries of pain at her abandonment died. She looked up at the stream of light coming in through the sole window of the prison built by her father. Her face hardened as she crumpled the paper in her hands.

He must never find this missive of hope, however distant that hope might seem to her right now. She began to tear the parchment into thin shreds as she rose to move to the window, her graceful form gliding through the shadows within her confinement. As she looked down upon the streets and canals of Dionna, her eyes watching everything that they were laid upon closely, she pressed those slivers of hope to her lips, and began to eat them.


Maded Maded

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